Revisited: Unisex Scarf Collar Cravat Bandanna NeckThing

Sadly I am still too busy to make long posts at the moment, although I have two fantastic ones in the works (one really easy and effective DIY, the other being my first Halloween costume from a few months ago).

Just pictures to show you the new version of my Unisex Scarf Collar Cravat Bandanna NeckThing I made out of scrap fabric from old pants/trousers. Most of it is cotton denim.

The size of this is approximately 8 inches by 30 inches. I actually wanted to make it wider but because I was using scrap fabric I actually didn’t have enough to go wider. But I would definitely recommend you make it wider (which would make it stand higher with more slouchy, drapey bits). I also didn’t bother with a button or catch, and am using a small pin instead which gives me a bit more freedom about how I want to wear this.

Really easy project, really effective looking and great for the in-between seasons.


DIY Armwarmers

I love knee-high socks. Most of mine are cotton blends, black + colour striped, but I also own the odd check, fishnet and sheer variety. These socks cost a good deal more than regular ankle socks so I tend to be mending holes a lot instead of buying new pairs. But there comes a time in every sock’s life that no amount of mending will patch the toe holes and threadbare heels.

However, all is not lost! Your socks can have a new life adorning your upper limbs instead of your lower ones. Simply snip away the offending worn material – usually the ankle to toe bit – and snip a small hole for your thumb and you have a brand new pair of armwarmers! (I recommend starting with a small hole for your thumb and then gradually increasing in size if required – the material will stretch!)

This works especially well for patterned socks because they looks pretty much the same as armwarmers you would otherwise have to buy. You can wear them ruched as in the picture above, or pull them up to get a sort of opera gloves look as below. If they’re too long you can cut them to any length your like!