Revisited: Unisex Scarf Collar Cravat Bandanna NeckThing

Sadly I am still too busy to make long posts at the moment, although I have two fantastic ones in the works (one really easy and effective DIY, the other being my first Halloween costume from a few months ago).

Just pictures to show you the new version of my Unisex Scarf Collar Cravat Bandanna NeckThing I made out of scrap fabric from old pants/trousers. Most of it is cotton denim.

The size of this is approximately 8 inches by 30 inches. I actually wanted to make it wider but because I was using scrap fabric I actually didn’t have enough to go wider. But I would definitely recommend you make it wider (which would make it stand higher with more slouchy, drapey bits). I also didn’t bother with a button or catch, and am using a small pin instead which gives me a bit more freedom about how I want to wear this.

Really easy project, really effective looking and great for the in-between seasons.


DIY Unisex Scarf Collar Cravat Bandanna NeckThing

I’m back from my long exam hiatus with an easy but super-effective DIY.

I love things wearing things around my neck. Give me high mandarin collars, lace chokers, scarves, ribbons, I don’t care! They frame your face and give your chin and jawline more definition AND they can keep your neck warm during Winter. What’s not to like?

Recently one of my favourite fashion blogs made a guest post on Etsy featuring their favourite handmade designers. What really caught my eye was this “Asymmetrical Starfish Scarflette Collar“. Kinda pricey but you could wear it a bajillion different ways and it looked freakin’ awesome. It was also very unisex and could look professional or funky depending on how you wore it and what you wore it with.

I thought I could probably figure out how to remake something similar, but little did I know how easy it would be. After one of my exams I spent a total of about 1 hour making this, and the next one will probably take no time at all now that I know what I have to do. (I made this with a sewing machine but it’s very achieveable with handstitching although realise it will take a lot more time.)

Here is the pattern:

I think the picture really speaks for itself but here’s a step-by-step should you need it:

  1. Cut out two rectangles from different but complimentary fabrics.
  2. Sew together inside out, leaving a small hole.
  3. Pull the material right way out.
  4. Using a ribbon make a loop that will fit your two buttons. Make sure the buttons are of similar size.
  5. Insert loop into the small hole and sew shut (invisibly if you can).
  6. Measure material against your neck and sew on two buttons back-to-back in the centre of the width measurement.
  7. Fold and play around with the NeckThing! Figure out different ways to wear it.

I would not recommend everyone using the measurements above since they specifically fit my neck but it’s easy enough to grab a rectangle of material and guesstimate how big it should be.

If I make the NeckThing again (and I will) this is what I’d change:

  • Increase the length a little from 55cm to 65cm.
  • Increase the width a lot from 20cm to 30cm or maybe even 40cm. This is so the NeckThing will have more support to stand and cover more of my lower collar area.
  • Experiment with different positioning of the button hole and buttons. Experiment with more buttons at different places.

Go forth and create! I’d love to see your versions and the different ways you find of wearing this NeckThing, so send ’em in.