I’m a 23-year-old female University student and geek from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m also Chinese, a C-cup and vary from an AU/UK size 10-16 depending where I shop. According to my BMI I’m obese. Fashion, especially geeky fashion, can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. I am a feminist and all round social justice activist (of sorts) and am trying to make this blog accessible to everyone so please let me know any suggestions on how I can improve inclusivity.

I also frequent Twitter and  Tumblr – I suggest you follow those if you’re at all interested in my daily banality. I occasionally post DIY tutorials on Cut Out + Keep and I am a founder of Melbourne Alternative Crafters. If you have an overwhelming urge to ask me questions anonymously then here’s my Formspring. My personal portfolio of creative-ish stuff can be found here.