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No Tacos, Player!


It annoys me a lot when people ask me if I’m a cosplayer. To me, cosplaying is a very limited form of costuming, which in turn falls under the general umbrella term of “fashion”. Cosplaying – and often costuming – involves meticulous attention to detail, hours of sewing, wigs, makeup and roleplaying the character. That’s fine for people who enjoy the process and have the time, but frankly it’s not something I’m interested in.

What I am interested in is fashion. Specifically, fictional and geek culture influenced fashions. I don’t trawl the internet for perfectly textured and coloured fabric for my Jack Sparrow sash, but I do spend a good ten minutes figuring out which button-up shirt would look best for a pirate-inspired getup.

For the most part this is not a blog for seasoned con-goers and competitors. But if you’re geeky and interested in dressing like your favourite character on a budget, then hopefully this blog will provide you with inspiration and useful tips on how to get started. My aim is to showcase daily casual wear; okay, so you may not want to wear some of this stuff to Casual Fridays at the office, but theme parties, weekends, night outs – definitely!

This isn’t a blog about getting the details down to the buttons from that one manufacturer for a Battlestar Galactica uniform. This blog is me rummaging through my own wardrobe and coming up with a closest match, suggesting useful items of clothing or accessories to own, scouring thrift stores, DIY’ing with scissors and occasionally the odd sewing tutorial.

The most important thing is to look good and have fun with your fashion. Nothing here is a rule, nothing I dislike prevents you from wearing it. These posts are an articulation of what I love doing everyday and if my hobby inspires you then that’s just an extra plus.

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