Revisited: Unisex Scarf Collar Cravat Bandanna NeckThing

Sadly I am still too busy to make long posts at the moment, although I have two fantastic ones in the works (one really easy and effective DIY, the other being my first Halloween costume from a few months ago).

Just pictures to show you the new version of my Unisex Scarf Collar Cravat Bandanna NeckThing I made out of scrap fabric from old pants/trousers. Most of it is cotton denim.

The size of this is approximately 8 inches by 30 inches. I actually wanted to make it wider but because I was using scrap fabric I actually didn’t have enough to go wider. But I would definitely recommend you make it wider (which would make it stand higher with more slouchy, drapey bits). I also didn’t bother with a button or catch, and am using a small pin instead which gives me a bit more freedom about how I want to wear this.

Really easy project, really effective looking and great for the in-between seasons.


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