I heart you, readers

Of course I love all of you equally, but there’s a special place in my heart for commenters and PEOPLE WHO SEND ME PHOTOS OMG!! Every time someone tells me they’ve used the blog for inspiration I go all flaily on the inside. Writing on the internet is a bit like shouting in a crowd full of other people shouting (inferior shouting) so when someone hears me – someone who doesn’t know me IRL and is therefore obliged to say nice things – it is a really great feeling.

ANYWAY! Melissa, a reader of NaC, went as Tonks (original post here) to the HP 7.2 opening and has graciously allowed me to post a picture of her lovely self here! (Reminds me that I was going to do a wizarding post *coughcough*) If anyone else wants to send along photos for posting I would totally welcome it! I think it’s important to see people’s different interpretations of outfits and that there’s really no right to dress or even costume!

Kudos Melissa!

Wig = Amazon
Necklace = long black shoelace
Tank and Hoodie = Goodwill
Jacket = black denim dress from Goodwill. I sponged the buttons darker, chopped the hem unevenly and quick stitched the edges.
Pants = exercise pants. I cut the slits
Gloves = black lacey socks with the toe cut out
Shoes = Goodwill
Wand = a stick from the backyard a friend carved for me


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