Video games meets high fashion

Author’s note: a post about the status of this blog to come! Yes, I realise it’s been 5 or so months.

I am so beyond excited about the sequel to American McGee’s Alice, Alice: Madness Returns coming out later this week. Most people know I have this intense obsession with all things Wonderland, but what I really love about AM’s Alice – and hopefully the sequel game – is that it was an example of style with substance. I could really rant on about why the game and the concept was so good, but I’m going to stop myself because I have a personal blog for that purpose.

Anyhow, to celebrate a decade of the original game and the release of the new sequel there is a gallery art show dedicated to conceptual and fan art for the games. Amongst some of the lovely, lovely visual art work comes these lovely one-off blazers. There were only three made, and I suspect they’ve already been sold for quite a nice amount of money. I still want one.

Using the Japanese textile “Boro,” a mended and patched material over a 100 years old, Dr. Romanelli was able to encapsulate both the dark and mysterious elements of the traditional Alice In Wonderland folklore and the unique, detailed vision of American McGee. Limited to only 3 pieces in total, the Dr. Romanelli “Alice” Blazer is something you’ll want to see in person.

Dr. Romanelli explains, “Boro textiles are usually sewn from 19th and early 20th century rags and patches of indigo dyed cotton. The diversity of the patches on any given piece is a veritable encyclopedia of hand loomed cotton indigo from old Japan, mostly created by happenstance and not planned by the maker.” (source)


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