The State of This Blog

I started this blog over a year ago after a chat with an online friend who probably doesn’t remember the exchange at all. In terms of fashion and textiles I get a ZERO in knowing anything about famous designers and seasonal trends. But I have always found design features easy to spot and understand, and (hopefully) articulate to other people. It was mentioned to me during the exchange that actually not everyone found this simple and effortless as I did, and that people could look at something, like it, and not completely understand why they liked it.

The reason why I focused on the geek angle was because I found myself going through the design recreation process the most with my loved geeky media, and I disliked the idea of writing the picture-a-day fashion blogs that were pretty to look at, but were also uninformative to boot. I was really afraid if I wrote a fashion blog it would turn into an excuse for narcissism (turns out this is actually Twitter/Twitpic).

The reason I haven’t been posting in the last few months is for a whole variety of reasons. One, because I haven’t found much geek fashion that’s really piqued my interest. But mostly because I’ve been working in professional(ish) environments more than going to university, and a certain standard of dress is required at those places. And part of the mission statement for this blog was to dress in outfits people could and would actually wear around, which for me, meant that I would have to actually wear them out for a day (and not to the post office or something). (Thirdly, I had a post lined up much earlier but my laptop harddrive died earlier in the year and so all the photos from that are gone.)

I am about to graduate and to be fair, the next few months look like I’m going to have even less of a chance to wear whatever the hell I want and commit to writing for the site. I have, however, been posting the occasional unrelated-to-geekery-appropriate-for-work outfit on Twitter. I’d like to hear what you’d like to see on this blog.

Here are your options. They are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  • Nothing but the occasional update that retains the geekery and DIY theme. Quality over quantity, even if quantity comes once every five months.
  • Get a lookbook account for those who want to follow my non-geeky escapades into fashion. (ie. Give up all pretense of this not being an exercise in narcissism)
  • A fortnightly fashion dump unrelated to geekery, but I’ll do my best to describe the outfits, how I put them together and why. Plus whatever occasional geekery and DIY updates I can manage.
  • Put together outfits, write about them, but don’t wear them outside the house if they’re unsuitable for the day and/or weather conditions. I can probably commit to a relevant geek post once a month in this case.
  • More non-outfit posts! Wardrobe spotlights, acquisitions, posts about hair and make-up (hahaha, I suck at makeup in the most extreme way), more posts with links pointing to good resources.
I await your comments with anticipation!
And finally, here’s some notable outfits I’ve worn in the last 5 months (and my fatshionfebruary posts on Tumblr):
Afternoon Tea Outing
Dress: Twist & Tango Amadeus Dress
Hat: Melbourne University Student Union
Scarf: DIY here
Boots: ASOS
Jewellery: Octopus from an Etsy seller I can’t remember
Swingin’ and Stylin’
Shirt: Target
Shorts: Big W (oh yeah, I went there)
Jacket: ASOS
Tights: Dangerfield
Scarf: Cotton On
Hairband: Big W (seriously)
Jewellery: Glamourkin on Etsy
The Wedding Tux
Shirt: Brown Sugar
Pants: Target
Waistcoat: Tailored as part of a three-piece
Jacket: Tokito (thrifted for $14!!)
Bow tie: Thrifted ($5?)
PS. I also got an awesome new haircut.

6 responses to “The State of This Blog

  1. I think if you just don’t have as much opportunity to wear more casual clothes, then it’s unreasonable to expect yourself to do so for every outfit you make. I think just making sure it’s something you *would* wear, if you were going out and the weather were right, is just fine.

    As for the extra stuff, I think it would be interesting to have some non-geek related fashion thrown in there, but I like that particular aspect of your blog, and I think it would be a shame for it to be overrun with just general fashion. So I think the option of once a month posts about geekery, plus the occasional general tidbit of niceness that you come across, is a good idea. I enjoy reading your posts because you put real thought into analysing the clothes, I wouldn’t want it to just be a picture blog, you know?

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      I guess I feel the need to prove what I *would* wear, because I’ve worn a lot of things I think people wouldn’t believe I would wear around just casually (as opposed to a dress up party). This blog is never going to be overrun with just pretty pictures – there are many more websites who cover that so much better than me – it’s more a matter of finding the right balance under the “geek” and “stuff that Connie just happens to like” umbrellas.

  2. I only discovered your blog some months back with the Ramona Flowers post, and was delighted at the premise so now follow you through Bloglovin’. I think any format you choose of the above options would work fine, but I like the current premise. I don’t think you need to wear the outfit for a full day to prove that it’s wearable. On the other hand, depending on how strict the dress code is at your workplace, you might be able to take that as an additional layer to the challenge, taking the how-to-interpret-the-inspirations-without-wearing-a-full-on-costume to the next level, which is also useful for some of your audience! I think the exploration of fashion and style as a costume in the first place is a worthy ongoing discussion, and you’re tapping into an interesting aspect of that idea, so as far as you’re interested in continuing that thread, I hope you will!

  3. I’m interested in continuing to see style dissection/analysis and geek fashion. I think that because they’re what make your blog fairly unique (as far as I know), it would be a shame to lose either one. However, I think they could be split up and it would still be interesting — analysis of office or street fashion, or geeky links and resources.

    Whatever you decide to do for content, I’m glad your blog is staying alive.

    • Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the feedback!

      I definitely won’t be losing the geek angle, but I may end up blogging a little about what I’m wearing to the office as well 🙂

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