Interactive Halloween Post

It’s an interactive Halloween post! There’s a couple of reasons why I need your input:

  1. A byproduct of my being dressed up almost everyday means that I really have to rack my brains for Halloween. (I really like the holiday even if Australians don’t celebrate it properly.) I have no idea what to wear and I’ll probably just grab my rabbit skull mask if I can’t think of anything. But! I thought I might give you readers a chance to suggest costumes you’d like to see me attempt and write a post about.
  2. If you followed one of my posts for your Halloween costume I’d love to see it! With your permission I’d love to post it here! But if you don’t want to be e-famous that’s okay, I’d just love to see what you come up with. Link me up with pictures or blog posts or just chat to me via the contact form.
  3. Just a quick reminder to check your privilege and make sure your costume isn’t culturally appropriative or stereotyping and racially problematic. You have a whole bunch of possibilities to choose from (including the ones on this blog), so if you’re in doubt ask yourself whether your costume is more important than the oppression of marginalised cultures.

2 responses to “Interactive Halloween Post

  1. One of The Gentlemen from the silent episode of Buffy. The hovering might be a bit tricky. Those guys gave me the utter creeps.

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