Some stats on this blog

This week’s post is late but it’s coming asap. I’m in the midst of writing it up now and it should go up either tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile I’ve found the blog stats to be pretty interesting.

  • Before my Arthur/Inception post the most popular post here by far was my Noodle/Gorillaz one.
  • Arthur’s post is getting about 250 hits per week at the moment.
  • Noodle’s post is getting about 130 hits per week.
  • The most common terms searched and linked to this blog is “arthur inception”. When googling this the blog is linked sixth on the first page.
  • Second most common terms are “gorillaz noodle”. When googling this blog is linked fifth on the fourth page.
  • There are spikes in traffic on the days I post but there are also weird random spikes in traffic for no reason. On average I get about 70-80 views per day. On new post days I get about 150-180 views.

The point? I love comments and feedback. I think I’m hitting the right note with my posts but I am always very welcome to suggestions about outfits or different content you’d like to see. If there’s an outfit you’d desperately like me to tackle or even something you’d like for me to go into more detail with I am totally at your mercy.

Again, thank you all for reading. I love you guys.


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