Style Quickie – Arthur (Inception)

You know who looks bad in a suit? No one. (And if you do look bad in a suit either a. you don’t, or b. you’ve chosen something with the incorrect fit, style and/or cut.)

You know who looks like sex incarnate in a suit? Joseph Motherfucking Gordon-Levitt.

You know who else tells you to suit up? Barney Motherfucking Stinson who is played by Neil Motherfucking Patrick Harris.

Most of the role of JGL had in Inception is to walk around in tailored suits looking classy as hell and generally serve as eye candy for the audience. The film is worth seeing just for that. The man has a zero gravity fight scene… in a suit. He blows shit up… in a suit. He listens to Edith Piaf… in a suit. In fact after some Googling it turns out he models for Esquire and stuff in his spare time… in a suit.

Look, neither you nor I have any possibility of looking nearly as good as JGL or Isaiah Mustafa but that’s not to say we can’t get a little closer by wearing a suit.

I don’t have the money to buy a suit but most people should have some nice business pants, a waistcoat/vest and a button-up shirt in their wardrobe anyway. This is a bit of a hark back to Sweeney Todd with the whole vest + shirt but you probably want to find something with a lower, more business-like cut instead. Also something of a longer length so you can tuck your shirt in without looking funny.

Alas I have no sleek looking briefcases, but I assure you I will be wearing this look frequently while I shake my fist at the universe at the unfairness of how I wasn’t born to like look like JGL. (If you want see more ladies wearing this look, check here and with the women who work at Anton’s in Melbourne Central.)

I would not recommend you slicking your hair back however. JGL somehow pulls it off LIKE A BOSS, but I suspect this is the exception not the norm.

And lastly: Oh My Lord.

Edit: You guys might be interested in this interview with Inception’s costume designer.

Edit 2, 16/08: So I don’t usually edit entries like this but this is by far the most popular entry on my blog ever (it averages 100 more hits per week than my Noodle/Gorillaz post which in turn averages about 100 more hits per week than every other entry on here). Some people have commented this sort of outfit would be expensive to get. Well here’s my recreation below:

Waistcoat and pants from Target, shirt from Rivers. Tie was thrifted, pocketwatch from eBay. All up I think it cost me under $50. You’ve just got to find items that fit you comfortably and it’s not always expensive. (That said I’ve never bought something expensive that didn’t fit well.)

I feel like I should also put the word out on Janelle Monae who is another lovely lady who knows how to rock a suit.

Edit 3, 19/8: Possibly more than you ever wanted to know about suits.


11 responses to “Style Quickie – Arthur (Inception)

  1. Another good rule for effective use of suits is to never, ever mix loose and tight. If your trousers are fitted, your jacket/vest should be too. If your trousers are on the looser side, then your jacket should match.

  2. After being introduced to Antons this week, I can attest to the fact that the women who work there are A) gorgeous and B) can pull the look off perfectly.

  3. Oh boy, I know I should be talking about the clothes (which are fabulous and one of the looks I can work well so I’d best put a vest on my op shop hunting list), but I just can’t get over how freaking hot he is! That GQ shoot is smouldering!

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