Posting Regularity and Content

As you may have noticed NaC has been updating twice a week since my exams have finished. However in order to maintain the current quality of posts I feel I need to pare this to once a week, even in the holidays. I had plans to do a short mid-week post in combination with a longer outfit post but even those short posts are turning out to be significantly more work than anticipated.

Of course I could always make very short mid-week posts, but I don’t often have something to say that will take a few minutes of typing, and I don’t see the point of posting when I have nothing to say.

Another possibility is doing something like the Haute List over at Haute Macabre but for Australian and New Zealand users. I shy away from making this blog too materialistic instead of instructive, but I know I usually enjoy their picks (and wish the shipping to Australia were sensible) and it may not be too bad if it were only once a month.

Please let me know what you’d prefer in the comments although I get the feeling I’ll be lucky if I only get one comment. Further suggestions on posting content and what you’d like to see on this blog would be very welcome – for example, would you like to see more dude/unisex fashion or maybe you’d like to see a dude modelling an outfit? (Or maybe what I really need is a co-writer of some kind?)

Stay tuned for the wardrobe spotlight post I’m currently in the midst of tweaking.


6 responses to “Posting Regularity and Content

  1. I mostly read this because I know you and because I think the outfits look awesome. So, I am absolutely for more modelling of outfits, male or female. 🙂

  2. I dunno… I think I’d just like more of everything. 😀 I would be interested in some dude fashion, though much dude fashion still doesn’t look great on a big dude like me, so I may not get a lot out of it, I dunno.

    I like the pictures. And the DIY stuff. So yeah, pretty much just more of everything.

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  4. I think the idea of making monthly posts of “cool places to get things from” and encouraging people to recommend or contribute could be interesting. Everyone has websites or stores that they like, and it could be promoting an artist or designer (say, an Etsy account or personal website that has fashion items) or a more general site (“a great place to get ______ at a reasonable price”). You seem to spend a lot of energy on looking for clothing as well as fixing it up. That’s part of the process.

  5. I doubt you are going to put people off by reducing your posting frequency. I agree there isn’t much point to short posts if you don’t really have anything to say.

    I think an occasional list like Haute Macabre’s could work, though I’m less interested in that than the kinds of things you have been posting so far.

    I think including some male/unisex fashion would be great.

  6. I think listing items or shops is a great idea…after all some people might love something and go and support a small business (or large one) and others might get inspired by the pictures and links and decide that they would like to try and craft something simmilar.
    I think as long as those sorts of lists don’t take over entirely that it’s 100% acceptable.

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