Supanova 2010

I attended Supanova on Saturday and amongst the screen/fabric/colour-accurate costumers and cosplayers I spotted a few people who were “dressed up” but weren’t necessarily “dressed as” anyone. I am big on geeky fashion outside of cons and wearing items more than a handful of times per year, so that’s why there are no pictures of the hardcore costumers here. There are plenty of other sites that showcase those.

Unfortunately I seem to have lost a few pictures I remember taking. They’re not on my memory card, so it looks like they have been lost. Alas.

First two pictures are me as a disgruntled steampunk this-is-how-Alice-should-look-so-in-your-face-Tim-Burton white rabbit, and third picture is of my friend Alex (whose outfit I picked out, is wearing my hat and subsequently got a lot of compliments on his ensemble). Everyone else were strangers who kindly allowed me to take their picture when asked!

Okay, so I couldn’t resist putting Pedobear in. Everyone wanted to take photos with Pedobear! The ladies in picture #7 were also dressed as Holmes and Watson, but I thought that their outfits weren’t glaringly “in costume” and would look great on a balmy Brunswick St evening. Girl in #5 had a very Sandman/Endless Death look going on.

What also caught my eye was that a lot of these items of clothing could be found or made quite easily or the silhouette of the outfits could be achieved with a fairly regular wardrobe. The accessories are what made them pop out from the norm: hats and pipes and feathers and braces.

I promise a proper post is happening soon!


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