DIY Armwarmers

I love knee-high socks. Most of mine are cotton blends, black + colour striped, but I also own the odd check, fishnet and sheer variety. These socks cost a good deal more than regular ankle socks so I tend to be mending holes a lot instead of buying new pairs. But there comes a time in every sock’s life that no amount of mending will patch the toe holes and threadbare heels.

However, all is not lost! Your socks can have a new life adorning your upper limbs instead of your lower ones. Simply snip away the offending worn material – usually the ankle to toe bit – and snip a small hole for your thumb and you have a brand new pair of armwarmers! (I recommend starting with a small hole for your thumb and then gradually increasing in size if required – the material will stretch!)

This works especially well for patterned socks because they looks pretty much the same as armwarmers you would otherwise have to buy. You can wear them ruched as in the picture above, or pull them up to get a sort of opera gloves look as below. If they’re too long you can cut them to any length your like!


6 responses to “DIY Armwarmers

  1. Armwarmers are so spiffy! I hadn’t thought about using socks to DIY my own armwarmers, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  2. I did this with my favourite pair of knee-high socks that I wore holes through the toes! I wound up hemming the parts I cut out so that the sock didn’t get any runs in it, but they’re wonderful in winter with my fingerless glove combo so I can stay warm and type.

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  4. I’ve also found that toe socks make excellent fingerless gloves if you cut the very tops off each of the toe bits- the only problem with them is that obviously the big toe bit/thumb hole is in a slightly different position than if you have actual purpose made gloves.

    I don’t really like wearing toe socks, but I was given some really pretty rainbow ones which I quickly converted to really pretty fingerless gloves that I used to wear to high school and now wear every time I go camping.

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